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Family meal planning – why bother? Guest post by Sam from Happy Eaters

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Back to school!! Where did the summer holidays go?

Is it just me or is September a time of New Year-style resolutions?  New School Year resolutions I guess! Whilst I am not a fan of making promises you can’t keep at the beginning of a year, it is sometimes a good time to ‘get your house in order’, if only to make you feel in control after 6 weeks of madness! So what better time to start planning the meals your family are to eat this week? I can guarantee that you will feel like ‘Super-Mum’ in no time!

Menu Planning – why bother?

OK, so it may sound a bit boring and like something your Granny would have done, but there are massive advantages to planning what your family are going to eat.

– Less stress for you – simply because you have thought, planned and shopped prior to 5 pm with 3 hungry kids and a short temper!
– Less scope for fussiness as you have already decided what to cook, so potentially no negotiations.
– More chance that everyone in the household can eat the same or similar.
– Less waste means saving money.
– Potentially more variety than if you are having to be creative on the spot.

The main reason though? – It will make you feel in control and a smug Super-mum!  Maybe Granny did have it right after all!

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