Holidaying at home – our annual adult only staycation…

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Do you ever wish you could have a bit more adult time?  Perhaps you think longingly of the days when you used to be ‘cultural’, go to nice restaurants or even get a coffee without thinking about the kids?
Bring on the staycation…
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Every year since my son was born, (he’s now 4 and a half), my husband and I have taken a week off work to spend time together hanging out in London pretending we have no kids!  We just finished our last staycation just a few weeks ago…
The day starts as normal; getting kids ready, drop one to nursery and the other to school but then instead of the usual rushed routine it’s… freedom to do what we want until about 5.30pm!  Either a jam packed day of adventure or perhaps a long overdue pyjama day!!!
This year with our new childcare regime we had three days of adult activities rather than the full week but it was still great!  We like to get a mix of lounging around, cultural activities and good food.  Some of the highlights on this November’s staycation was a trip to ChrisKitch for brunch followed by a trip to the cinema to see James Bond at our local cinema and a trip to the Royal Academy to see Ai Weiwei followed by lunch at Benares.  On past staycations we’ve been hiking in Epping Forest and even got busy at home creating our own piece of artwork (without the kids)!
If you get the chance to do this I would thoroughly recommend, despite coming home every night each day felt special and memorable and it’s great to cruise around on the tube pretending you are 25 again!
This Christmas we have both weeks off work (with the kids) and no real plans for the second one.  I hope we can get into the staycation spirit and plan some great days out for the four of us.  If you have any great suggestions for Christmas staycation activities for all the family get in touch!!!

Wrap up for Autumn – style advice from Daisy from Wardrobe Workshop

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It’s time to wrap up warm for the colder season – but how?

Every spring I get asked by friends if I lost a tonne of weight – when really I just stopped wearing layers and layers of clothes to keep me warm during the winter months. I often end up looking like a Michellin man in the vain attempt to prevent my toes from freezing –  surely there must be a better way!
daisy autumn pic
While layering is still the most effective way to keep warm on the school run or the commute to the office, there is an art to how it’s done:

  1. Invest in thiner garments made from quality materials
    Look for thermal long sleeve tops and leggings, merino wool or cashmere jumpers and natural fibres
  2. Don’t buy your coat three sizes bigger
    “But it will need space when I wear a jumper” you might think… Remember this: the worst feeling on this planet is an icy wind breezing through your coat and robbing you of all the lovely warm air your body produces. A good sized coat allows you to breath (obviously) without loosing warm air through massive gaps between you and the coat. Think insulation – don’t let the warm air escape!
  3. Wear a vest top between your shirt and jumper
    Not only will this add an additional layer of warmth (yay!) but most importantly it will prevent your shirt from bulging out – yes please!

For more style tips this winter visit us at the next WALK IN WARDROBE

Keep warm!


Cat – I’ll be going to the next Walk in Wardrobe event in Palmers Green to perhaps see you there!

Contact Daisy at


0796 311 8475

Thanks from Tali and Procrastination to Motivation!

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Thanks to Tali for writing a quick summary of the event last Monday…

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I wanted to thank everyone for attending my Motivation Workshop.

It was fully booked despite the weather.

The topic was turning Procrastination into Motivation using a selection of NLP tools. Which included Chaining physical anchors, SMART goals and different types of Visualisation.
You got a chance to work on your goals.
Review the negative consequences of Procrastinating versus your plan to get Motivated and its benefits.We had a wide selection of personal goals with different insights.

The feedback I received was very positive and this is what some of you said:

“I found the workshop very interesting and it made me view my problems in a different way.

I will visualise myself dissociated.

I feel inspired and motivated.

I didn’t realise that my goals weren’t SMART and therefore I struggled to achieve them.

Being able to listen to myself and identifying my wants and needs was interesting.”

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, if you want to get hold of Tali and try out some NLP, she is offering Sorting Self readers and subscribers at 10% discount off NLP until the end of October, just quote ‘sortingself’.  Give her a shout at www.talispink.com
Best pic from Tali Oct 2015 The group shot

Getting Motivated with NLP & Expert Tali Spink!

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Tali is a master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and personal trainer based in the Muswell Hill Crouch End area and a mother of one toddler.  I’ve quizzed Tali so you can get to know her a bit more about her and find out about the event before next week

tali nlp pic

Cat: NLP, I’ve heard of it but what’s it all about?
Tali: It’s basically a bunch of tools that help people achieve their goals through personal development, communication and psychotherapy.  Like personal training for your brain!  The founders studied successful people and worked out their strategies.  Including the famous hypnotist Milton Erikson, family psychologist Virginia Satir, top athletes and business people

Cat: What are some common things clients need to get motivated about?
Tali: Sticking to a workout or nutrition plan, or perhaps work related tasks or studying even doing tax calculations or decluttering!

Cat: What do you love about your job?
Tali: I love helping improve people’s quality of life and seeing positive change

Cat: Sorting Self is all about finding a bit of me time for busy mums, how do you relax and spend your free time?
Tali: I love going on walks with my family and travelling

Cat: If there was a Tali motivational phrase to help us all out, what would it be?
Tali: Your past doesn’t have to equal your future and your future is waiting, so where are you?

Thanks Tali

You can get Tali on http://www.talispink.com

Are you a procrastinator?  What do you need to get motivated with?

Midsummer Madness in Muswell Hill

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So, excited about the Midsummer Muswell Festival taking place this Saturday, I have been organising the stalls and the volunteers as well as doing the rounds with posters and flyers!!!  It’s been such an experience getting stuck in and meeting local people, I can say I have met some truly inspirational people who are on the organising committee with me.  Their ability to make things happen with a positive attitude is testament to what you can achieve if you really try!

Hope to see you on Saturday along with the sun!

midsummer muswell flyer