A great range of exciting and engaging local meet ups for mums with expert speakers allowing you to take some me time, re-focus on yourself, meet like-minded women and have some fun!  Visiting experts include personal stylists, nutritionists, relaxation experts, life coaches and many more.

Talks take place in local pubs where you can learn something new but also relax in an informal atmosphere.

Currently, we are booked in for the first Monday of the month at the Clissold Arms, 105 Fortis Green, N2 9HR

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About me:

I’m Catherine, a busy mum of two, I have a son Ralph aged 4 and a daughter Noemi who is just 6 months old.  I started organising talks for local mums when my daughter was just 3 months old out of a need to make sure I was remembering to spend time on myself as well as taking care of little ones.  It’s so easy to lose sight of yourself when daily life is so busy; but I think it’s important to make room for yourself in your busy week, because happy mum means happy kids! However, it’s not always that easy to make the time to focus on yourself, I wanted to find an easy way to do this and shortcut to what we really need to know quickly by asking some experts; hence sorting self was born.  To date, there’s been a range of great speakers at our events so far and I’ve had a great time listening to speakers, meeting local people and spending some time sorting out my fitness and personal style!  Hopefully, you can join me!!!