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Professional declutter coach gave a wonderful talk on Monday!  Thanks Isabelle – I could see everyone at the front of the room taking pictures of the organisation ideas on the screen so I thought I would share these great ideas with you to remind and inspire you…

As Isabelle said – step 1: Declutter but they key to remaining decluttered is step 2: Organisation…

We have the Hallway….

hallway 3hallway 1hallway 2

the kitchen…

kitchen 1kitchen 2kitchen 3

and the kids bedroom…

kids bedroom 1kids room 2kids room 3

I am going to try the umbrella and accessories hooks in the hallway, a bit more boring but required seperating baby Noemi’s clothes into seperate boxes in the draw and how cute are the cars on the wall for Ralph’s bedroom!

How about you?  Are you inspired!

First 5 to respond back to me on it can get a free face to face declutter assessment with Isabelle from IDea for your space.  Just give me a shout!*

For more info on Isabelle and her services check out her website:

*Valid North London only


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