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Hi everyone!

I am so pleased to have a quick Q&A introduction to Isabelle from IDea for your Space, a professional organiser and declutter coach with a bit more info on what decluttering is all about and why she loves i

Pic of Isabelle Lamy

Cat: Lots of people aren’t aware of declutter coaches, what’s this all about?

Isabelle: Many people dream of having a clutter-free home and for some of them it has been on their “to-do list” for many weeks (months?) but people feel often overwhelmed by the task, others don’t know where to start or have no clue on how to proceed. As a declutter coach I help my clients to reach their goal of having a decluttered, a more organised and a calmer life.

I’m an extra pair of hands, I guide my clients (but without influencing them), asking some relevant questions to help them to make a decision on some difficult/sentimental items which can be tough to let go. I also advise them on the kind of smart storage options which would help to make the most of their space. I bring all the useful material to make the decluttering process easier. And I help them to stay focused on the task until it’s finished.

Cat: What do you love about your job?

Isabelle: I love helping people. The first time we meet, most of my clients are ashamed, stressed by the state of their home, they have the feeling they will never be organised. At the end of the process, they are re-energised, proud of themselves and feel much lighter. They are happy: this is my reward!

All my clients are different, with different backgrounds, different stories behind each possession. For some of them letting go is easy, for others it’s more difficult. I love being confronted to a new challenge every time (and some projects are really challenging…).

Cat: Are there any quick and easy tips you can give busy mums for keeping clutter free?

Isabelle: For staying clutter free, the secret is to keep our stuff organised. “A place for everything, everything in its place” is my favourite adage… Having a place (clearly identified and known from each family member (!)) for each single possession is the best way to keep clutter free. Store like items in a lovely container (basket, box, crate…) is an effective and neat solution. They will be easy to retrieve and easy to put back. It can also be useful to label the container, even with a picture for the youngest ones.

Cat: Sorting Self is all about finding a bit of me time for busy mums, how do you spend your free time?

Isabelle: As a mum of three super busy / sporty teenagers, my free time is quite limited… but I always make sure I regularly meet my school mums’ group for a dinner or a drink. Exercising and meeting new people are very important to me as well. That’s why I run with Gladstone Parkrun every Saturday morning and I join the Brent GoodGym Group on Monday’s evening when I’m available.

I also love walking long hours in London with my husband. And before sleeping I love reading a book which most of the time (I have to admit) contains in its title the word “organisation” or “clutter”… #ilovemyjob

Join us this Monday 25th April at The Clissold Arms, 105 Fortis Green, N2 9HR where Isabelle will be talking about ‘Decluttering & Organising Your Home’ – where you can learn how to declutter your home and get organised so you can spend more time doing the things that really matter to you

Tickets are available at

Isabelle Lamy is a professional organiser.  After 15 years in Marketing and moving around the world living in a variety of homes she decided to turn her passion for organisation and design into her career.  Isabelle graduated in Paris in interior design and as a member of apdo-uk, she frequently attends workshops and conferences designed for Professional Organisers.  She has also worked for the IKEA interior design team where she developed specific skills in storage organisation.

For more info on Isabelle and IDea for your Space see



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