Meet Nutritionist & Chef Duo, Stephanie & Dorothy aka Fig & Bloom!

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Hi everyone!

I am so pleased to have an interview with the wonderful (and very youthful looking) Stephanie and Dorothy from Fig & Bloom – some juicy tips on healthy eating for busy mums and some insight into their busy lives as local Muswell Hill mums…

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Cat: What led you to set up Fig & Bloom?

Stephanie: I am a nutritionist (and a wannabe chef), and I met Dorothy, a holistic chef (and wannabe nutritionist) on the school run when our children started reception together. We got to know each other and quickly realised we shared a passion for promoting health through delicious food. It didn’t take long before we decided to join forces and Fig & Bloom was born.

A chef and nutritionist combination works so well because people need not only the scientific evidence for nutritional recommendations, but also practical guidance on how to then turn that information into something easy and delicious.

Dorothy: After moving to London and setting up my own healthy catering business, I realised that creating recipes and preparing food was only part of what I wanted to do. I really wanted to teach and empower people to take care of themselves through food, not just serve it to them. When Stephanie and I started to talk about what we did I had a real light-bulb moment about how we could work together. As a self-taught chef I had developed a lot of knowledge about healthy food over the years, but working with Stephanie, a registered nutritional therapist, has taught me so much in a short space of time!

Cat: What do you love about your job?

Stephanie: When I first see a client they are usually struggling with their health or finding it difficult to fit healthy eating into their busy lifestyles. Seeing that client improve and the impact that improvement has on their long-term wellbeing is incredibly rewarding.

Dorothy: I love spending time in the kitchen experimenting with new ingredients and creating delicious new recipes. But I also love receiving all the positive emails and photos from clients who are really enjoying their new healthy recipes and menu plans that we created for them – one recent photo from a client almost made me cry! Her enthusiasm and appreciation for how we had helped her to make healthier meals that all her family would enjoy made me so proud.

Cat: What’s your number one piece of nutritional or cooking advice for busy mums?

Stephanie: Stabilise your sugar levels! It’s dull I know and difficult for many, but tackling sugar cravings is one of the best things you can do for your long term health and your family’s.

Dorothy: I would say my top piece of cooking advice would be to PLAN! If you set yourself up for a few easy meals during the week, ideally ones that will last you more than one day, then you will have the time and freedom to play a bit. Buy a cookbook, magazine or look online for inspiration, and remember you don’t have to follow a recipe to the word but it does help with new tasty ideas.

Cat: Sorting Self is all about finding a bit of me time for busy mums, how do you spend your free time? 

Stephanie: walking or running with my dog – she makes sure I get out in the fresh (London) air for a good hour every day and I spend that time either with friends or ‘reading’ yet another nutrition audiobook…

Dorothy: As a busy Mom & business owner, I have found that I need to stick to my yoga classes they make me more focused at work & nicer at home! Otherwise, exploring London….we moved here 1 1/2 years ago and there are just so many amazing spots to explore. We went to see Buckingham Palace and the horse guards’ parade over half term – I just have to pinch myself sometimes that I live here (originally being form the US), I love London.

Join us this Monday 7th March at The Clissold Arms, 105 Fortis Green, N2 9HR where Stephanie and Dorothy will be talking about ‘Beauty from the Inside’ – where you can learn the essentials of beauty nutrition and how to quickly prepare delicious foods for glowing hair, skin and nails

Tickets are available at

Fig & Bloom are a Muswell Hill based consultancy specialising in nutrition, cooking tutorials and recipe development aimed at improving health and wellbeing for the long-term, founded by Stephanie, a registered nutritional therapist and Dorothy, a holistic chef.  They use the latest science-based nutritional information to create fabulous tasting food, and help their clients nourish themselves easily, effectively and deliciously.

For more info on Fig & Bloom see


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