Be brave & audacious! says interior designer Josephine Lecoufle-Vinet

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Just a week to go before becoming interior design gurus at our next talk, Interior Designer Josephine Lecoufle-Vinet

Cat: What influenced you to become an interior designer?

Josephine: Definitely my dad.  He doesn’t know it but he taught me the love of beautiful pieces and how they could be enhanced thanks to elegant arrangement.  All my childhood, I’ve lived in amazing houses packed with character and filled with great pieces.  So when I decided on a career change, interior design was the obvious choice.

pic of Josephine

Cat:  What do you love about your job?

Josephine: Everything!  I hate plain and unimaginative rooms,  I think living in a kind of showroom where everything is grey, sleek and soulless is the worst.  I love real homes, cosy and witty.

Cat: Are there any design tricks busy mums can quickly apply to make a big impact in the rooms in their houses?

Josephine: Be brave and audacious!  Don’t be afraid to add a pinch of humour to your interior.  Whether you add a bright colour, a funky wallpaper or an original piece of furniture, you’ll see the difference it makes.  Although the difficulty is knowing when to stop!

Cat: Sorting Self is all about finding a bit of me time for busy mums, how do you spend your free time?

Josephine: Free time… I feel like I don’t have free time to be honest.  I invest myself so much in everything I do, my mind is always in effervescence!  That is the downside of this area, we can’t really switch off anymore!

Cat: Josephine, come along to some more of our talks for a bit of downtime, there’s a great programme coming up of more relaxing topics such as personal style or mindfulness.

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