Great tips for relaxation from our experts

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After a hectic festive season many of us are looking for ways to relax and de-stress and preferably ones that don’t involve too much alcohol!!!  Enter Emma and Ellie, professional wellness experts with some great tips for us all on essential oils!

Cat: What are your top tips for relaxation for busy mums?
Emma: Mums are the most incredible givers, but so many I meet find it really hard to receive or put anything back in for themselves.  Be open to receiving some space and time for yourself.  Gift yourself something at least once a week, whether it’s a quite coffee on your own or a night out with friends!
Ellie: Look at ways of quickly calming the parasympathetic nervous system – like a 10 minute mediation or even lying with your legs up the wall for 5 minutes!

Cat: What’s your favourite essential oil?
Emma: So difficult… so I’ll share what are my must haves…. Lavender for sound sleep, clary sage to regulate hormones and manage my PMS, and wild orange for keeping me motivated and in top form throughout the day.
Ellie: OnGuard. It’s very effective against illness, can be used by the whole family and smells absolutely delicious.

Cat: What do you love about your job?
Emma: I love my clients and customers and I’m so passionate about empowering people to take charge of their health with natural solutions.  I’ve always been in love with essential oils since I was a child.  My Mum’s best friend is a reflexologist and I would always sneak into her treatment room as a child to sniff her oils 🙂
Ellie: Being able to empower and teach others how to use pure plant medicine for such a huge range of family health issues. Who would have thought essential oils could become your medicine cabinet?!

Cat: Sorting Self is all about finding a bit of me time for busy mums, how do you relax and spend your free time?
Emma: I walk a lot. I have two pugs and I’m constantly in Highgate woods or on the Heath, it’s great for clearing the mind. I also practice yoga regularly and make sure I call my best friends for a chat at the weekend. Laughing my head off with my best pals is the greatest way to relax! I would like to get more regular massages… that’s my resolution for 2016!
Ellie: I have a bath every evening with some relaxing essential oils and I make luxurious face masks using the oils as well. Nothing makes me feel more indulged than pampering myself when I’m feeling tense or exhausted.

Cat: If there was one thing you think a busy mum could do to make a difference to her daily routine with oils, what would it be?
Emma: Just to carry them with you always! There is an oil for absolutely everything, if your stressed, tired, got a headache, anxious… there is an oil that can provide relief!
Ellie: Apply a few drops of an essential oil on the bottoms of your feet in the morning and before bed and you will notice a huge difference in energy during the day and sleep quality at night – such an easy thing to implement.

Join us on Monday 11th January for a demo and talk with Emma and Ellie for a taster essential oils workshop designed to help you unwind. Tickets available here:
Ticket includes some free essential oil samples to take home
Emma and Ellie started teaching to share their love and passion for the restorative and healing powers of essential oils as well as to create a space for education and discussion, not just about essential oils but to promote the wellness lifestyle of eating right, exercising, meditating, sleeping proper and managing stress, as well as reducing toxins in our bodies and homes.


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