Celebrating Success!

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With 2015 drawing to a close, I like to look back before I look forward and think about the things which have been great about 2015… focusing on the little things that have made it a great year reminds me how lucky I am and makes me realise quite how much I have achieved.  Following that I might put together a few small goals for the whole year.

I think after a hectic festive season and being a busy mum it is hard to find the time to do this but if you can try taking a few minutes out over a nice coffee or glass of wine to do this.  There is plenty of research around happiness and gratefulness to suggest because this positive thinking could be just the thing that will encourage you to feel energised and ready for 2016!


We don’t always have the time to write War and Peace or get an A level in Mandarin or that beach ready body we promised ourselves! but it can be quite small things day to day that can make a great year and we can be thankful for.  I did this last year and realised how some quite small things such as looking though a telescope at a planet, knitting my first cardigan, having a great weekend away in Italy or surprisingly going to Butlins with my son were real highlights in addition to a few larger thing such as finishing my philosophy degree!

Try this:

  1. Visualise yourself at the beginning of the year (2015) and then visualise yourself now…
  2. Free write all the things that were great about 2015 – it could be moments you had, people you are grateful for, things you achieved etc…
  3. Then read over it as if you were another women (so you can see how great you really are!)
  4. Then stop and celebrate – well done you, what a great 2015…
  5. (If you feel like it look to the year ahead and write down a few new years goals so your 2016 celebrations can be even better!!!)

I’d love to hear how you get on!

Have a great festive season and if you fancy it join me in the pub early January for a drink or two and a group celebrate success session!



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