Holidaying at home – our annual adult only staycation…

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Do you ever wish you could have a bit more adult time?  Perhaps you think longingly of the days when you used to be ‘cultural’, go to nice restaurants or even get a coffee without thinking about the kids?
Bring on the staycation…
staycation with text.png
Every year since my son was born, (he’s now 4 and a half), my husband and I have taken a week off work to spend time together hanging out in London pretending we have no kids!  We just finished our last staycation just a few weeks ago…
The day starts as normal; getting kids ready, drop one to nursery and the other to school but then instead of the usual rushed routine it’s… freedom to do what we want until about 5.30pm!  Either a jam packed day of adventure or perhaps a long overdue pyjama day!!!
This year with our new childcare regime we had three days of adult activities rather than the full week but it was still great!  We like to get a mix of lounging around, cultural activities and good food.  Some of the highlights on this November’s staycation was a trip to ChrisKitch for brunch followed by a trip to the cinema to see James Bond at our local cinema and a trip to the Royal Academy to see Ai Weiwei followed by lunch at Benares.  On past staycations we’ve been hiking in Epping Forest and even got busy at home creating our own piece of artwork (without the kids)!
If you get the chance to do this I would thoroughly recommend, despite coming home every night each day felt special and memorable and it’s great to cruise around on the tube pretending you are 25 again!
This Christmas we have both weeks off work (with the kids) and no real plans for the second one.  I hope we can get into the staycation spirit and plan some great days out for the four of us.  If you have any great suggestions for Christmas staycation activities for all the family get in touch!!!

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