Wrap up for Autumn – style advice from Daisy from Wardrobe Workshop

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It’s time to wrap up warm for the colder season – but how?

Every spring I get asked by friends if I lost a tonne of weight – when really I just stopped wearing layers and layers of clothes to keep me warm during the winter months. I often end up looking like a Michellin man in the vain attempt to prevent my toes from freezing –  surely there must be a better way!
daisy autumn pic
While layering is still the most effective way to keep warm on the school run or the commute to the office, there is an art to how it’s done:

  1. Invest in thiner garments made from quality materials
    Look for thermal long sleeve tops and leggings, merino wool or cashmere jumpers and natural fibres
  2. Don’t buy your coat three sizes bigger
    “But it will need space when I wear a jumper” you might think… Remember this: the worst feeling on this planet is an icy wind breezing through your coat and robbing you of all the lovely warm air your body produces. A good sized coat allows you to breath (obviously) without loosing warm air through massive gaps between you and the coat. Think insulation – don’t let the warm air escape!
  3. Wear a vest top between your shirt and jumper
    Not only will this add an additional layer of warmth (yay!) but most importantly it will prevent your shirt from bulging out – yes please!

For more style tips this winter visit us at the next WALK IN WARDROBE

Keep warm!


Cat – I’ll be going to the next Walk in Wardrobe event in Palmers Green to perhaps see you there!

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0796 311 8475


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