Thanks from Tali and Procrastination to Motivation!

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Thanks to Tali for writing a quick summary of the event last Monday…

tali pic

I wanted to thank everyone for attending my Motivation Workshop.

It was fully booked despite the weather.

The topic was turning Procrastination into Motivation using a selection of NLP tools. Which included Chaining physical anchors, SMART goals and different types of Visualisation.
You got a chance to work on your goals.
Review the negative consequences of Procrastinating versus your plan to get Motivated and its benefits.We had a wide selection of personal goals with different insights.

The feedback I received was very positive and this is what some of you said:

“I found the workshop very interesting and it made me view my problems in a different way.

I will visualise myself dissociated.

I feel inspired and motivated.

I didn’t realise that my goals weren’t SMART and therefore I struggled to achieve them.

Being able to listen to myself and identifying my wants and needs was interesting.”

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, if you want to get hold of Tali and try out some NLP, she is offering Sorting Self readers and subscribers at 10% discount off NLP until the end of October, just quote ‘sortingself’.  Give her a shout at
Best pic from Tali Oct 2015 The group shot

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